Nikita Orlov

We managed to finish phase A, we continue phase B

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Together we managed to bring our dear Nikita to the major surgery – and now we need you more than ever
Name: Nikita Orlov
Age: 24
Residence: Beer Sheva
As we remember, our dear Nikita was injured in a car accident when he was crossing a crosswalk, due to the serious accident Nikita was left paralyzed from head to toe
The severe injury damaged Nikita’s motor function and put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
Dear Nikita was determined to find the solution to the situation and did not give up and after a test trip around the world, it was discovered that there is a (very difficult) and innovative surgery during which electrodes will be implanted in the spine, this surgery should get Nikita back on his feet.
But we still had a long way to go and the cost of the surgery was about $170,000, a considerable sum
I am in the association for the expatriates of the Commonwealth of Nations, we mobilized for the cause and with the help of the association’s dear donors! And it was only thanks to them that we were able to raise a considerable amount of money which helped and promoted Nikita to undergo the long-awaited surgery
And now we are happy and excited to tell you that Nikita is going for surgery on 07.06.2022 and we all wish him great success and look forward to seeing him
standing on his feet

Dear donors of the association, now more than ever we need your support and donations
After the surgery and in order for the process to be successful, Nikita needs a long series of full rehabilitation treatments at the hospital in Thailang as part of a full hospitalization
The length of the rehabilitation is between 6-12 months during which Nikita has to stay in the rehabilitation department of the hospital where he undergoes the surgery
The cost of the restoration is about $3500 for each month, a very large amount and more before various and additional expenses
We call on you, the donors of the association, to join the project and together we will raise for Nikita the cost of the long stay in rehabilitation
Only thanks to you and only thanks to your generous donations, you will put dear Nikita back on his feet
For the information of donors:

  • Medical documents were submitted to the association
  • Documents testifying to the analysis were submitted to the association
  • References for Tahli were submitted to the association
  • The association is in direct and daily contact with Nikita and the family
  • The donations for the surgery were paid directly to the hospital in Thailand
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