Association "For me and for you"!

The Association "For Me and for You" is a non-profit organization whose activity is aimed at providing assistance and support to the residents of Israel

Our goals


We work to help immigrants from the CIS countries in a wide range of areas, such as: food distribution to needy families, legal support, assistance and subsidies to people with disabilities, assistance in finding a job and many others.

We also provide financial assistance to pay for medical treatment, clothes, computers and private lessons for families with disabilities, etc.

svglayrI315 Legal assistance
The association provides legal advice and provides subsidies for lawyers.
svglayrI315 Financial aid
The association provides financial donations for everyday life.
svglayrI315 Health care
The association subsidizes medical expenses and helps families without health insurance in Israel.
svglayrI315 Help in finding a job
The association maintains many business relationships with various companies to help you find work in a variety of fields.

Your support

Even your smallest donation helps us to hold more events for children.

Each donation allows us to become one step closer to the goal – together we will achieve success in the world.

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Collecting donations for war victims and their families


Collecting donations for war victims and their families
Against the backdrop of the difficult days that we are experiencing in the State of Israel, families are losing their loved ones, innocent children are being killed, the elderly are being killed, soldiers on the battlefield are fighting until their last breath…
We at For Me and For You understand that at the end of a difficult round of fighting, perhaps the most difficult that has ever happened in the State of Israel, there will be many families who will need help and support in many different forms.
We see families losing their homes to shelling, losing their property due to the dire military situation, residents of the South being seriously damaged and their homes looted. We can’t even imagine right now what kind of requests for help we will receive.
That is why we are turning to you in anticipation of recovery and difficult periods. If you have the opportunity, make a donation to the fund for helping war victims and their families; these funds will be accumulated, stored and transferred as assistance to families who turn to us for help and support.
In these difficult times, we as a strong nation must unite and support each other and prepare today to support the next day.

Open projects

Collecting donations for war victims and their families

The path to new heights

A voice of exclamation and cry

Fund for the victims of the war and their families


Little Alexander calls you for help!!!

Nikita Orlov

We managed to finish phase A, we continue phase B

Daria Sinitsina

We donate and help dear Darya to integrate into everyday life!

All open projects

Every Friday distribution of challah and wine for Shabbat

Every Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or until the stock of wine runs out at the Shabbat and Kiddush distribution point next to the store.

Ashkelon, 14 Jericho St. (next to the second hand store of the association)


Our achievements

As an association that was founded and operates without a profit goal, we rely on and rely on public donations only, whether through financial donations, clothing, equipment, food baskets and anything that will benefit others.

circlI315 612
Families and organizations have received assistance from the association in the past year
circlI315 90%
From the families and organizations, they turn to us again and receive assistance
circlI315 16
Volunteers help in the association

Help us to continue to act and help the citizens of Israel

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