Daria Sinitsina

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Dear patrons of our foundation, we are returning to the next and extremely important round of fundraising for our dear Daria Sinitsina.

Daria: 13 years old

Lives in Haifa.

Daria suffers from:

  1. Total blindness;
  2. Autism and severe mental retardation;
  3. Severe epilepsy.

Daria was treated for a long time at the Rambam Medical Center in the rehabilitation department and was sent for further treatment to private treatment centers.

Alas, Daria’s family is experiencing extreme difficulties due to the high costs of her treatment. Daria also needs round-the-clock care and supervision.

We are currently running a massive fundraising campaign to finance the entire series of procedures that Daria needs to undergo in order to more easily integrate into everyday life and develop independence in the face of all existing problems.

We have funded many of Daria’s treatments in the past and we have seen progress over time.
Therefore, we are returning to another round of recruitment in order to allow Daria to continue her treatment (including adaptive therapeutic exercises), as well as to help the family survive a major financial crisis in light of the situation as soon as possible.

We believe that together we can provide a better future for Daria and her family.

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