The path to new heights

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Alice is 5 years old, she is a cheerful and mischievous girl. But it is difficult for her to move around, she mostly sits in a wheelchair. Alice’s dream is to run around, play with other children and explore the world
Alice began attending the 《Ilan》 Sports Rehabilitation Center in Haifa.
We are glad to see how little Alice is moving towards her goal, how she is striving for new heights and victories! With every lesson we see new victories! The result is visible from the first course of treatment, but the baby needs a long rehabilitation.
Without your donations, this would not have happened, because rehabilitation classes are very expensive.
All this thanks to YOU, our dear patrons
You have no idea what a good deed you are doing! Thanks to your kind hearts, Alice and many other children will see the world differently and become happy.
Every donation is a chance for her to get back on her feet and run with other kids, play with them and see.
And when one child smiles somewhere, know that this is your merit.

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