Little Alexander calls you for help!!!

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Name: Alexander
Age: 4
City of residence: Kiryat Yam

Dear patrons, little Alexander needs your help and financial support.

Sashenka is a special child, full of inner strength.
At birth, he had respiratory failure, which led to brain damage and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.
Sasha suffers from many serious illnesses that make his life much more difficult than that of any other child.

Dear Sasha suffers from increased muscle tone of the body and limbs, is supported by regular medication, in addition, suffers from chronic epilepsy and developmental delay.
Sashenka eats only grated food and cannot eat ordinary food.

Alexander needs many courses of rehabilitation procedures – which are not included in the health basket – these procedures will provide Sasha with the tools to overcome and improve daily functioning.
These procedures are very expensive and many courses are needed in the coming years.

His parents, devoted and loving, supportive parents, whose child is everything to them, do everything possible to help little Alexander, running around the clock between medical examinations and many different procedures, these tasks do not give them the opportunity to fully work, so the family got into big financial difficulties.

We in the association ask you to open your heart to this child, our dear patrons!
Together with you, we can support and accompany the family, and finance all the courses of procedures that the family and little Alexander will need.

We believe that with the help of your generous donations, we will be able to help the family recover financially and support them along the way.

This is the moment to open your heart and gather strength for the cause.

  • The family provided the association with medical documents confirming what was written, prescriptions, etc.
  • The family provided the association with a professional opinion indicating the imminent need for a series of procedures.
  • The family provided a report on their financial situation to the association.
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