Areas of activity

The Association “For Me and for You” (or by the former name for expatriates of the Commonwealth of Nations) is a non-profit association, all actions and activities of the association are to provide assistance and support and assistance to the residents of the State of Israel.

The For Me and You Association was founded in 2019 and registered as an association in 2020.


We work and help the entire population in a variety of areas, such as: distribution of food / food stamps for families in need | Support, assistance and legal subsidies for the poor Assistance in finding a job Phone support and counseling for girls at risk Subsidizing medical treatment and medicines not included in the food basket Provision of clothing and management of second-hand clothing stores, computers and private lessons for low-income families, etc.

As an association that was founded and operates without the purpose of making a profit, we rely and rely only on public donations, be it financial donations, clothing, equipment, food baskets, and anything that will benefit others.

Honorary donors of the association are citizens with a wide heart and a desire to help the environment, we rely only on donations from individuals and do not support or receive assistance from the state and / or large bodies.

img1I452 Help in finding a job The association establishes many business relationships with different companies to help find work in a variety of areas.
img1I452 Subsidized medical expenses The association subsidizes medical expenses and helps families without health insurance in Israel with medicines not included in the health basket
img1I452 Help by phone Our team provides assistance by phone 24/7.
img1I452 Financing private lessons The association subsidizes private lessons for low-income families
img1I452 Help with renting a home We don't leave anyone on the street! Our association helps and subsidizes rent for low-income families.
img1I452 Financial aid We in the association help and financially support needy families
img1I452 Legal assistance The association provides legal advice and provides subsidies for lawyers.
img1I452 Distribution of computers The association helps children with disabilities get computers so they can integrate into distance learning.
img1I452 Food baskets The association helps with groceries for hundreds of low-income families who are in need of a hot meal.
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